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However, the main strength of NEXTGEN EXPERTS lies in Logo Designing. If your business is looking for a Logo Designer in Kolkata, then logo designer Kolkata is the best option for you as you not only get the promising blend of rich cultural art and modern day razor sharp finishing Logo Design Kolkata but also get them at much cheaper price than others.

Textual logos: In order to meet simple needs of the business text logo are considered to be the best option. These logos are comprised of texts that are embedded as the company’s logo along with necessary amendments in their graphical presentation. For an instance, if NEXTGEN EXPERTS wish to go for text logos, then they can have their text logos based on the worlds “N” and “X”. Various adjustments in form of text pattern and alignment can be made in such context. Usually professionals make use of these logos.

Iconic logos: Many a time it has been observed that businesses go for icons as their logo. These businesses generally speak of their brand power by is marked logo.  A specific reason behind this implementation can be suitability of business with certain icons. For an instance, a shoe manufacturing company can implement an icon in its shoe for giving a brand recognition rather than writing the whole name of the company. Diversity in icon logos can render various types of icon logos which can either be colorful or saturated.

Graphical logos: This is the most popular category of logo designs as it encompasses every aspect of the business. Graphical logo design allows a person to implement abstract or real characters in their logo along with additives. A graphical logo can be in form of texts, icons, abstract pieces or a combination of all. Even silhouettes are considered under graphical logo design.

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